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It's Not You It's Me

Ok, before you think we’re “breaking up.”...Here’s the deal.

I have worked with lots of companies over the years that have challenges to overcome.

It could be almost anything – marketing, sales, operations, people, etc.

The leadership is almost always convinced they have told their teams what they want. And, somehow, the team falls short of meeting those expectations.

Over and over again.

Uh oh! That’s a clue.

In many instances, we find the breakdown is how the expectations were communicated in the first place. Usually, the team considered to be “falling short” or even “failing” is only doing what they thought was expected.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

If you find that you are, often, disappointed in the results you were hoping for, maybe its time to step back and analyze YOUR communication.

Are you clear enough?

Have you provided clear definition of the expectations? Have you validated it by asking the team what they think they heard you say? Or, are you still assuming you are being clear?

Are you monitoring and following up appropriately?

Are you providing feedback and guidance to help your team improve? You may find out they still think they heard something different.

This adjustment in expectations needs training – of you and your team.

A leader gets the organization he or she deserves. If you’re frustrated with your current team and the progress you’re getting from them, look very closely at yourself and your own actions before you start judging the performance of others.

Maybe YOU are the problem.


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