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Strategic Consulting

A time-tested approach to exploring ideas, challenges and opportunities with a fresh perspective helps companies set and keep a plan to achieve their goals.


Marketing / Communications/ Messaging

Simplicity is the key but making things simple is hard. Very hard. For almost 30 years, we’ve helped companies create simple powerful messaging that the field can use to accelerate their own success.


Customer Experience

Your customers are sacred. Direct sellers have a unique opportunity to create a customer experience that leads to long-term product loyalists, leading to higher conversion into new and productive distributors.


Distributor Experience

Retention begins on Day 1.  Every touchpoint must be designed to deliver messaging that is cohesive and consistent — sending the right message at the right time. The goal is to help someone advance from “brand new” to “successful” one logical step at a time.


Unstructured Data Solutions

Social media and e-mail have provided an all-new untapped resource for companies to listen and learn from. Perhaps no other data science will have as much impact on the decision-making process of direct selling as the data gathered and acted upon from the world of e-mail and  social media.

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