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Ask Questions and Listen

Four words.

So simple but so powerful.

Ask Questions and Listen - The best sales training I ever received…and I’ve been through LOTS of sales training programs.

Also, the best advice I ever received for…





The problem with the simple advice is that most people don’t do the hard part very well – LISTEN!

Too often, we ask a question with an agenda. We just want to verify or validate something we already know or believe.

We don’t give the answer the full credit it deserves.

We rush to judgement.

Unfortunately, many people just don’t want to listen.

It takes time.

It requires caring.

It requires attention.

It requires practice.

It requires trust.

You have to WANT to listen.

When its time to listen – LISTEN!

With both ears and your full attention.

If you are not getting good answers – ask better questions.

That requires time and practice too.

Don’t become a master of “leading the witness.” That’s not what this is about.

Hope that you get the real, honest unvarnished truth.

Sometimes it could feel very harsh and raw.

When it does, you are on the right track.

If your goal is to sell more, listen.

If you want to become a better leader, listen.

If you want to become a better parent, listen.

If you want to become a better_______, listen.

It’s funny – in many many coaching/training/leadership conversations I’ve been involved in, the best solution and support I can provide often starts with “Ask Questions and Listen”.

It works.

Its simple and super hard.

But, as usual

Simple is Hard.


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