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Culture Matters

I’m a huge believer in corporate culture.

Over the long-haul, I will always bet on the company with great culture.

Culture is an outcome. It is the culmination of a variety of factors within an organization. It may feel like it “just happened” when, in fact, it happened BECAUSE of something.

I’ve walked into organizations and immediately “felt” the culture. I’m sure you have too. There is a certain energy inside of a living breathing company.

Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad.

Then, there is the culture that is disguised as good but in reality has underlying issues preventing the company from being its best. The owner/ leader sees it one way – the way they want it to be. The team working for the leader doesn’t see it the same way. People are saying all the right things but exhibiting behaviors and beliefs that don’t match the words.

As the leader, you can define the culture you want. You can envision and share it so others can envision it with you. Then, you have to create and monitor it.

Hire the right people. A bad culture fit can undermine everything. Take care of those people. Customers can feel it when the corporate staff is happy and engaged.

Set expectations for performance as well as behaviors. Yes, mission/vision/values matter.

Provide the tools and systems to make doing great work possible. Recognize and reward those that bring the culture to life. No company is perfect.

Keep your eyes and ears open to what is really happening inside of the company. It’s easy to convince yourself it is one way when there are telltale signs otherwise. Whatever you do, don’t ignore your “gut” feeling. If it doesn’t feel right, there is probably a good reason to be concerned.

Culture is the gift that keeps on giving. Just make sure it’s the gift you wanted in the first place.


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