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Getting Disconnected

I have always imagined the day when I could get completely disconnected from technology --- even if for just a few hours.


I would just not worry about things.

I could let it all go.

I felt like it would never happen.

Over time, I learned that I am not needed in all situations. I don’t have to know everything about everything going on in my business life. I learned that a good leader needs to trust others, and trust that the process is working.

But, STILL --- Getting completely disconnected for an extended amount of time sounded both wonderful and scary.

And- I did it. I turned off my phone and got completely disconnected for 7+ days.

I was in the wilderness of Alaska --- literally! Miles and miles away from the nearest cell tower.

No email.

No text.

No internet.

No TV.

No Radio.


And guess what?

I survived. Weirdly enough, so did everyone else.

Projects didn’t fall apart.

People didn’t go off the rails and make decisions that would ruin my clients’ businesses.

I have to admit that I did think about checking email for about one day but then, somehow, I completely forgot about it.

It wasn’t until about day 6 that I realized I hadn’t even thought about checking my email or text for, at least 4-5 days.

My brain felt better. My eyes didn’t feel tired.

I was completely and totally absorbed in just enjoying the place. Being a part of the experience, instead of looking at it on my iPhone, and more importantly enjoying time with good people.

It was, indeed, magical.

I cannot wait until next time.


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