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Grow Yourself

Why do so many people spend so little time on improving themselves?

I don’t get it.

Do they believe they know enough already?

There is nothing left to learn?

With so many resources available, it has never been easier or more accessible to learn something new?

There is no reason for someone to feel “stuck” in their job because of a lack of knowledge to do something else. There is no reason to think you don’t have access to the information needed to become better and more knowledgeable about almost any subject.

Personally, the problem I have is stopping. I want to learn about all sorts of things. Some are relevant to my business, some not. Some just open my eyes to new ideas. New ways of seeing or doing things.

Some just for fun.

My kids think I have a lot of little known and useless information. I agree.

But, I’m convinced that learning more about more is good for you. In my case, it keeps me fresh. It makes me ask more and better questions.

Keep learning!


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