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If You Want to Run Fast, You Have to Run Fast

I was a big kid. Heavy. Slow.

And, I played all the sports.

Growing up in Texas, “all the sports” means football.... and other stuff.

For years, I thought I was destined to be a big, slow kid and then a big slow adult.

Then I had a coach who told me to run fast. And pushed me to run fast.

He convinced me that I wasn’t destined to be a big slow person.

So, I learned to run fast. Faster than most at my position.

I believed I could do it. So, I did -- and it felt GREAT!

My belief changed everything.

In a recent conversation with a client, we were discussing the growth of his company. Like every organization, they have a wide-ranging group of consultants in the field and some groups are growing faster than others.

Their oldest “legacy” group is growing the slowest.

Their newest, most excited group, is growing the fastest.

The others fall somewhere in the middle.

Nothing unusual so far.

So, the question is “Why”? I love to know why people are doing what they are doing.

After all, each person that comes into the organization is presented with the exact same set of parameters and goals from the company. There is a 30-day “fast start” plan that every new person is encouraged to hit. In fact, the plan to get there is very sound and doable by anyone with a little drive and determination.

Frankly, their success rate in helping people reach their 30-day goal is on the upper end of all measurements I’ve seen.

Here’s the funny thing.

Even with the same set of instructions and incentives, the newest group is completely outperforming every other group by a huge percentage. It’s to the point that is seems unreal.

The difference --- the new group tells all the new consultants that the 30-day fast start plan is “probably a typo” and explains it can be done in 3 days with no problem.

So, they do.

3 days instead of 30!

Yet, the older legacy group will tell you about the struggle to get it done in 30 days. That is their belief.

Belief changes everything.

Don't let your belief keep YOU from running fast.


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