Learn Something Today

I cannot imagine going a day and not learning something new.

I begin every day by spending time reading and learning. Its become a ritual for me.

It’s not all business. In fact, it is wildly diverse and covers areas that have absolutely nothing to do with my business skills.

Or does it?

Much of the info I study or retain falls in the category of “little known and useless information,” but it’s funny how often some of the info pops up and becomes useful.

I am 100% convinced that if all I studied and learned was about being better at business, I would probably become worse at business.

Challenging my abilities in all ways is important.

Mentally – Emotionally – Physically

The first topic I study every single day is leadership. Leadership transcends business. It’s about becoming better in all portions of life and just happens to work in business as well.

Unfortunately, leadership is amazingly scarce today.

There’s an entire blog on this topic to come soon.

Since this one is about learning, I better keep moving.

Other topics I read and study that develop my mindset include…

Marketing – what makes people consider a product or service is fascinating to me. As crazy as it sounds, I like to study bad marketing as much as I study good. I learn from it all.

Science and technology – I love reading all the studies and evidence to convince me of something. Then, years later, I love reading all the studies and evidence to convince me that what I learned is no longer correct.

Physical fitness – At my age, I’m committed to learning how to become better and healthier with every passing day.

Sports – I love seeing people achieve their goals and dreams. We don’t get to observe enough of that in our day-to-day lives. This time of year, I get hooked on the Tour de France simply because it requires such immense physical AND mental effort.

Fly fishing – you didn’t see that coming, did you? It’s a lifelong passion and my version of meditation. I’ve found that I’m good at it when I have complete and total mental focus. You know… “think like a fish”. And, it’s best when done in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

You get the idea. Diversity of info and fun makes me better.

Talk to people. Be curious. Ask questions.

Every person you encounter has something to teach. You just have to want to learn.