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Good Job!

Surely, we all know that telling someone they did a good job is a good thing.

In direct selling, we tend to spend a lot of time and energy telling our field that they did good and “won” something.

We don’t always do a good job of telling our internal corporate teams.

People want to know they are appreciated. They love to know someone paid attention to their effort and tells them they did a good job. Of course, they have to do a good job, otherwise the conversation needs to be very different.

I was at a client’s office recently to help celebrate the completion of a major project we helped with.

It was awesome to be there and see and hear the responses as they explained the project to the staff that was, somewhat, on the periphery of the it all.

During the celebration, the in-house “owner” of the project made sure to tell each and every person that touched the project how much they are appreciated for their role in making the project happen.

These are professionals doing a wide variety of jobs. Each was presented with a little, comically simple, award along with a little feeling of being part of the story.

And, every single one of them stood proudly and smiled widely with this little moment of recognition.

Once all the prep was done, it took all of 10 minutes to make every person feel special. The end of the meeting felt very positive and I just had the feeling that the performance for the rest of the afternoon was elevated. There was an increased level of feeling a responsibility to continue to do a good job.

Do you think it was worth the 10 minutes and the prep time was worth it? Do you think it actually helped? Or, is it just fluffy feel good stuff that wastes a little time during a staff meeting?

The image we used in this blog is a photo of the actual awards they gave to me and my team. I’m showing you and telling you about it. I think it worked.

Take a few minutes – spend a few dollars – make your people feel special.

It will work for you too!


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