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The Future of Starter Kits

The debate seems to continue.

Some companies believe a good physical starter kit is an absolute necessity when bringing a new distributor onboard. Others believe that all that info can be delivered effectively electronically.

They are both right.

However, as easy, fast and affordable as it is to deliver something via email or text, there is definitely SOMETHING about receiving a package via UPS or FEDEX that is impactful in ways that an email cannot provide.

Recently, I attended a meeting where a new starter kit was introduced. The company rolled out a new look and a new simplified selling system and the kit is where all of that comes together. The excitement of the meeting was great. The engagement was high as people dug into the new kit as if they were a child at Christmas. You could feel it. There was a sense of excitement and commitment around the experience.

The best part -- From this point forward, every single person that signs up to join the company will receive the EXACT SAME communication. The brand is represented properly, and the selling system is clear and concise. As a result of the kit, everyone learns how to get started in their new business the same way.

Ok, so I made my case for a physical kit, right?

Now, let me say that there is also a case for the electronic materials. In fact, I believe it’s an absolute necessity. When someone signs up for your company, send them something NOW. Right NOW! Make sure it’s as impactful as possible. It is your first chance to engage and welcome your newest distributor. You won’t get this chance again.

You simply cannot get a kit in that person’s hands this fast.

So, which is it? Do you send a kit or rely on electronic delivery to get someone started?

The short answer – BOTH!

Use technology to engage quickly but do not overlook the impact that receiving a kit makes on that new person.


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