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Who are you Listening to?

Who are you listening to?

I have hidden some of my friends and family on Facebook. There I said it!

It doesn’t mean I don’t like / love them. I just cannot stand to “listen” to them anymore. Some people find some hidden strength behind the keyboard and yell and scream their opinions to the world – even though nobody asked for it.

“Twitter Muscles”….“Keyboard Warriors.”

Call it whatever you want, it seems that everyone has an opinion and most have an agenda.

More often than not, their strength and commitment seems to stop once the opinion is shared with the world. No action. No follow through. Just words shared in the digital world.

Your field leaders have opinions too. Most are happy to share them with you. Right?

And, most have an agenda. Unfortunately, many are trying to protect or promote their own needs and desires to succeed.

Over the years, I have run into dozens of companies that have been trying to satisfy the opinions of their existing “leaders” (purposely in quotes).

More often than not, the “leaders” are sharing their opinions of things the company needs to change.

Unfortunately, they don’t want to change themselves or work harder. They just want YOU to change so that they can protect their own livelihood.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

– Leo Tolstoy

In a recent discussion with a company owner, who is looking to reignite growth, it became painfully obvious that he had done everything he could to make the existing “leaders” happy. He was listening to their ideas and making the changes requested.

And, NONE of them changed their habits. NONE of them worked harder. NONE of them proved themselves to be a real leader except for the fact that, because of their tenure in the organization, they were still collecting significant (and declining) checks. NONE of them stepped up and changed after the owner did everything requested.

Yet, these “leaders” are the folks that are guiding decisions. The owner was listening, changing and hoping.

Of course, listening is important. Don’t stop! But I’m pleading to make sure you are listening to the people that will change too.


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