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Who Do You Know?

If you are like me and been around your industry for a long time, there comes a time when people begin to look to you for advice and guidance.

More often than not, the advice they’re looking for comes from a simple question,

Who do you know that….?

Who do you know that can help me with __________?

Who do you know that has done __________ before and could help me too?

You get the idea…Who do you know?

Clearly, nothing replaces a personal reference. No amount of internet research will replace a reference from someone we already trust.

In the direct selling channel, I’ve seen dozens (hundreds?) of companies try to tap into the space and be a “supplier”. Generally speaking, they see dollar signs and use that as their motivation.

And some “get it” !

Every once in a while, one of the new guys in the space will ask me a key question along the lines of…“what should I expect and how can I succeed”.

The answer is simple.

#1 – provide real value that helps companies solve a problem.

#2 – Be here. Be committed to being here for 2-3-4 years and be willing to tough it out, while you prove yourself In #1.

DO NOT expect to make lots of headway and / or market saturation in the first year or two. Prove yourself over a period of time that you are here for the right reasons.

This is a very open industry. People share ideas and information. Good or bad.

If you are doing the right things right, that sharing becomes your friend.

If not, it becomes your enemy.

I suspect what I’m describing applies to every industry – I just know this one really well. And its unlike the past ones I’ve been involved in where everyone felt they had “a secret” to keep from others.

This one is more open book than anything I’ve seen.

Make sure the book on you is a good read.

A positive review could be the only thing standing between you and success.


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